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17 Sept 12

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David Malinski has been a Game Master with the Arcadian Guild since 1988, when he won the first ever Game Master of the Year award. David has since won the TOP TABLE HOST of the 2006 Dak-Kon games convention.

David was Arcadian Guild President from 1988 to 2008

He is the regular host of tabletop game and miniatures battles, the group collectively known as Murdock'S MarauderS.
MurdocK and some of the MarauderS won the 2007 Dak-Kon games convention BEST PRESENTATION award!


Want to understand the driving force behind David?

Check out:

It will change your life!

David has currently been running:

David Malinski & David Henderson's StarFleet Game

Along with plenty of
Tabletop Games
Murdock's Marauders

New base of Operations Established

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Murdock'S BLOG

The StarFleet Game will continue to the end of the current season in December 2008.
Future plans include taking on the Klingon concept of 'the great game'.
Want to know more about my view of 'the great game'?

Send me an email.

More to come....

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