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17 Sept 12

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The Arcadian Guild

Is a basement gaming organization that has been in existence since 1988 and is dedicated to further the hobby of 'gaming'. Our members range in age from 7 to 67, in occupations from medical doctors to primary school students; folks just like you. Our games are played in living rooms and basements across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland (indeed we have games that stretch across the country, played by e-mail).

The Arcadian Guild Quarterly

Is the Guild's hardcopy communication vehicle filled with anecdotes, notes from gaming sessions, and other items of general gaming interest? Annual subscription to the Quarterly is $10.00. The games we play range from miniatures combat simulations to Role-Playing Games to the latest card games. If you are trying to find a regular gaming group - or are looking for a fresh angle in a new gang - give the guild a call or otherwise contact us at the address below. Look for more Gaming Day announcements at your local games or hobby store.

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