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31 Jul 17

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Points Race 2016-2017



Ted Christensen -

Pete Dryden -
David Henderson -630
Jeff Holm -
Jeff Hudelson -
David Malinski -
Mark Sim - 326












Fran Cartier -

Lisa Christensen -

Ted Christensen -
Pete Dryden 212

Shelby Green -

David Henderson - 138
Jeff Holm 201

Scott McLellan - 132
Alexander Malinski -
David Malinski -
Rhys Mansbridge

Justice Marinus - 151
Francis Munroe -

Mike Pearce 258

Courtenay Pickford 25

Brant Roche -
Mark Sim 70

Michael Wallace - 220

Note that this is the current year to date points race, to learn more about the points gained in each gaming session and the reason to keep the points tally see Demystification



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